Group ED-312

This page is about us , you can find our contacts and some information.
We entered the University in 2008, today we are the third-year students at the Institute of foreign philology and regional studies. We all find it much interesting and useful in our future life, because we want our life to be linked with languages, to travel to other countries and make friends with interesting people.
There are 8 students in our group:
1. Anisimov Aysen
2. Kychkina AitaLina
3. Lazareva Luiza
4. Lepekhina Olga
6. Solovyova Irina
7. Sotnikov Tit (monitor)
8. Starostin Ganya
And our tutor is Egorova Olga Viktorovna

We are not only studying but have a lot of fun at our University events like "Crystal Globe", "Cookery Book', "English Music Awards" and so on.