There are a lot of things to do in Yakutsk as going to the cinema…
1. "Cinema Center"
The most popular cinema among young people. There are three cinema halls in it. All of them are fitted with modern audio and video equipment.
There is a cosy cafe where you can enjoy a cup of fine coffee.
The box-office starts working at 9 am
Location: Yakutsk. 18 Kirova Street "G"
Telephone Number:(4112) 111-455

2. "Central Cinema"
"Cenral Cinema" is the oldest cinema in our city. It started at the time of The Great Patriotic War in 1942.
Location: Lenin's Avenue 12
Telebhone Number: (4112)421-072

3. One of the places preferred by students is Sushi Bar "Fojiyama"

Here you can enjoy the national cuisin of The Land of Rising Sun. Here you will be offered different kinds of sushi, salads, rice, dessert and of course nosy tea. But this place is not only food, but also japanese culture, traditions and customs.
Location: 12 Kirova Street
Telephone Number: (4112)341-207

4. . A nice place to go out with friends is an entertainment center "Dragon"

"Dragon" includes a night club, pub, restaurant, two karaoke bars and coctail lounge and private brewery.
Location: 20/1 Oktyabrskaya Street
Telephone Number: (41112)428-811